• Illinois House District 20 is a unique legislative sector because of its diversity. As a life-long resident of Chicago's northwest side, I acutely understand the required particular balance so all individuals and groups are included in policy. Our independent campaign pledges to work in a consistent nature to assure everyone in the district of proper deserved representation. 

  • In these difficult economic times, it is imperative to demonstrate a strong constrained economic platform that resists all forms of tax increases. I pledge NEVER to vote for any unnecessary state tax increase; especially state income and sales taxes.

  • Cronyism is an unfortunate staple of Illinois government. I further pledge to fight all forms of illegitimate government.

  • Our platform vows to support all First Responders. Our police, firefighters, and paramedics are of importance to fight crime, provide protection, and serve every deserving citizen. 

  • State House and Senate term limitations should be initialized. Complacency is an ingredient of stale government. No member of the Illinois House should represent more than 2 two-year terms. I pledge never to seek re-election after four years as your State Representative.